About Us

Driveway Sealing in New Jersey
delivering superior results!

about_rightWhen it comes to driveway sealing in New Jersey, no one is as dedicated to excellence as Kleen Seal® . We have built an outstanding reputation, job by job, with superior driveway sealing workmanship, a durable finished product and extraordinary customer service.

Caring for You, Our Customer

Satisfaction begins with your first contact. When you call Kleen Seal® a friendly, courteous operator answers the phone.

We value your time – within 24 – 48 hours, a uniformed Kleen Seal® technician will visit your home or small business to provide a FREE written driveway sealing estimate.

Upon completion of your driveway seal coating job, you will receive a performance survey. We listen to our customers and respond to questions, comments and suggestions!

Founded on Excellence

about_leftBrian Ulrich, who owned and operated a New Jersey landscaping business, founded Kleen Seal® . Brian observed that many New Jersey homeowners were getting poor results from the contractors they hired for seal coating their asphalt driveways. He saw uneven borders, poorly filled cracks, and a host of other problems. He also noted driveway sealer splashed on sidewalks, Belgian Blocks, and other surfaces. Equally striking, was the lack of professionalism, including poor customer service.

This paved the way for an idea. Seeing the potential for truly professional driveway sealing in New Jersey, Brian founded Kleen Seal® . To this endeavor Brian brought his keen business knowledge, skills and professionalism, including his dedication to customer service. And customers responded.

Today, Kleen Seal® is a thriving business offering the finest driveway sealing in New Jersey. We are now furthering our expansion and growth with franchises.

Brian Ulrich, Owner.