Address Signs

People just don’t realize how critical this is…..
In an emergency can your house be found quickly?

From Brian Ulrich….The owner of Kleen Seal.

I do a lot of looking for houses. One major issue I’ve noticed is the many different ways house numbers are displayed. So many times I have to stop and stare at a house to find the house number. Is it by the front door, over the front door, over the garage, on the side of the mailbox, on the mailbox post, on the mailbox door, in the landscape beds….. and one of a hundred other places…. Or is it just not there….. WHERE IS IT???? I often say to myself, if I were not here for an estimate but an emergency, somebody could have died in the time it took me to locate the house number. So to try and change this, I went out and found the best most visible address signs I could find, in order to offer them to solve this major problem.

These signs are beautiful. They are built with a heavy duty steel 48″ post.  They have an ultra durable polypropylene bracket that never needs to be painted and lasts many years.  We custom apply your super reflective 4″ house numbers on both sides that will make your address show up like a beacon in the night when any light shines on, or around them.

You NEED this sign. EVEN IF YOU HAVE HOUSE NUMBERS NOW, I’m certain that your numbers on your house or mailbox are too small or don’t reflect enough that they can be seen while driving an emergency vehicle in a hurry. Does the driver have to slow down and look for each little house number? NOT WITH THESE SIGNS!

The price for these beautiful address signs are $59.99 plus tax and I’ll deliver and install it near the end of your driveway SO NOBODY CAN MISS YOUR ADDRESS! (ONLY OFFERED IN MIDDLESEX, SOMERSET, and UNION COUNTIES IN NJ)

“I am so confident you will like this sign that I’ll offer your money back if you don’t like it, or you feel that it does not do what it is supposed to do.” -Brian Ulrich, Owner of Kleen Seal,LLC

Curb Address

I’m are also offering these 4″ tall numbers that are super reflective
heavy rubber material. They get put on the curb in front of your house.
The price to do your address on your curb is $29.99 +tax



So I ask you….
Can your house be found QUICKLY….
When seconds count?

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