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Thinking of home renovations? You’re in the right spot. So many people today love to give their homes a fresh new makeover. They’ll do whatever it takes to make their homes look like a million bucks, yet they always brush past the room that needs the most help, the garage. Why would the garage need a makeover exactly? Good question but why wouldn’t you want to give your garage a classy new look? Many people think that there are too many complicated factors that add up to a high price in order to redecorate their garages. The good news is that they’re wrong. Kleen Seal Garage Floor Epoxy is easy, clean, and makes your garage floor look like a showroom.
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What We Do

At Kleen Seal, one of the services we offer is garage floor epoxy. This service specializes in turning a dingy looking concrete floor into a clean, slick, and shiny garage floor that looks expensive. Our process is a two day procedure, involving intricate detailing onto the floor. We use a special two part high 90% solids epoxy that will cover up the old concrete surface to create a classy look. Customers can request an estimate by calling (732-321-3699) or by filling out this form. We’ll come out and estimate the garage and give a price. Please note there are no set prices, our pricing is solely based on the size of the garage. Customers also have the option to choose the color of the flakes used on the garage floor. See more information further below. Kleen Seal offers a ten year warranty on customer’s garage floors against peeling or coming off. 



Our Process

Our process with transforming garage floors is in 4 simple steps. We break the steps up into two days. The first day involves steps 1,2 and 3 while day two is prioritizing step 4. Our steps include grinding and crack filling, epoxy painting, flaking and applying the clear coat. 



  • Grinding

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    • Our process begins with grinding the concrete floor in the customer’s garage. In this step, our team uses a special concrete grinding tool to expose a new layer of concrete. Concrete over time will begin to look worn down. Our grinder will remove the top layer of concrete to reveal a new fresh layer. The purpose behind this is to make the concrete leveled and smooth for the epoxy. The reason why most people who attempt our service on their own fail is because they don’t have the tools to grind the floor. Having a ground floor is key when using epoxy. 



  • Crack Filling


      • Kleen Seal Garage Floor Epoxy also offers crack filling in the concrete floors as well as hole filling too. We use epoxy crack filler to fill in all the cracks and holes.



  • Epoxy Paint

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  • The second step in our process includes epoxy paint. We specially mix together epoxy, this process is extremely satisfying to encounter. Our team uses special mixing tools to create the epoxy solution. They create a paint that is to be applied over the freshly grinded concrete. The purpose behind the epoxy is to provide the base color for the floor. Our two standard base color epoxies are beige and grey. It also acts as a glue for the flakes that are sprinkled on in the next step. Our team is specially trained to apply epoxy in haste because the epoxy dries extremely fast. The epoxy paint is very interesting because it begins in liquid form but will dry solid to a glass-like surface. 



  • Flaking



  • Our third step involves flaking. Flaking is the process on which we have buckets of flakes to sprinkle on top of the wet epoxy paint. The flakes will give customer’s garages depth and style along with giving off the appearance of granite. They also provide full coverage over the garage floor. After 24 hours when the flakes are completely stuck onto the now dry epoxy, our crew will sweep off any excess flakage. We use about 40 pounds per 1 car width. Customers also get the opportunity to choose which color flaking they prefer for their garage floor. Some of the colors we offer are seen below.



  • Clear Coat



  • Our final step in the garage floor metamorphosis process is applying on the top clear coat. This clear coat encases the epoxy and flakes, sealing it all in. This will make the floor have a slightly textured surface and not all jagged. The clear coat also dries into a glass-like surface similar to the epoxy.This coat will take at least a few hours to dry and we recommend customers to not walk/drive over the surface for 48 hours.


Our Team


Our team for garage epoxy floors are specially trained in this area. They have an extreme eye to detail while applying the epoxy paint, getting into every little nook and cranny. They have done many garages of numerous shapes and sizes. Kleen Seal prioritizes their employee’s health as well during the process, enforcing wearing special masks to prevent breathing in the concrete bits in the air. 


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