Your Bricks Need Help

Do you keep staring at dirty, weed filled patio bricks? Why do you continue to sit and stare at that hot mess? Is that the look you want others to see? At Kleen Seal Paver Sealing, we’ll make all those problems go away. 


What We Do

One of our services at Kleen Seal is paver sealing. Our paver sealing services work wonders for those old, run down paver bricks on patios, driveways and even around pools. We will power wash your brick pavers, resand the joints (using polymeric sand) and then we finish it off with a two part wet sealer that really brings out the color.We use a commercial grade cleaning solution that takes care of any organic stains and growths. This will not damage your polymeric sand and brick paver joints.





Our Process

Our process begins by requesting an estimate. Customers can receive an estimate by calling (732-321-3699) or by filling out this form. Customers then will have their paver bricks looked at by one of our professionals. There, they will receive a price. The price is based on square footage and by damage on the bricks. Please note we do not have a set price, to get a price we recommend requesting an estimate. Our process in repairing paver patio bricks is done in 3 simple steps. Our steps are done over the course of three days. 



  • Repairs and Power washing


Our process begins by repairing any paver sites to give them a fresh new structure. We’ll fix cracked bricks, sunken spots etc. We’ll take any excess of the customer’s bricks or find just the right brick to replace the old and broken one. During this process all the bricks are removed and then set back into place. After any repairs, we’ll begin power washing. If a customer’s bricks don’t need any repairs we begin with power washing. Our crew then will power wash every patio brick to give it the cleaning it deserves. We use special power washing tools that will properly get the job done, as well as using a special cleaning solution. It’s always great to see all that funkiness from the bricks wash away. Just power washing the pavers makes an incredible difference. This step is done on day one of our paver restoration job.



  • Resanding the Joints



Our second step in the makeover process of the bricks is resanding the joints. What exactly is resanding the joints? Resanding the joints is the process on which we have our special paver sand and we’ll re sand in between all the patio bricks. This acts as a glue to not just keep all the bricks in place but also is crucial for the sealer. Another very important factor to re sanding the joints is to make sure that the surface is bone dry. It is crucial for the surface to be dry because when wet the sand is activated into its glue like form. The sand we use is a special polymeric sand. This action of re sanding takes place on day two of our paver restoration jobs. Then, when we are finished resanding the joints, we will begin our next step which is applying the sealer.



  • Sealer Application 



Our final step in our paver restoration process is applying the paver sealer. This sealer will seal in the bricks which maintains their fresh and clean look. Our sealer will also give the bricks the “wet look” which makes the bricks appear wet. This look will enhance the color of the bricks instead of them having a dull and chalky look. Our crew must apply numerous coats of this sealer and they must make sure to keep each layer even. When the sealer hits the polymeric sand (mentioned above) it will act as glue to keep everything in place and will activate the sealer.


Maintaining the Look


Our service cleans up and revamps old and tired bricks but it does not permanently stay in this look forever. Our work doesn’t prevent weeds from growing back but instead, reduces the amount that grows back.  It’s recommended to have us return again in 4 to 5 years to freshen up the bricks again. The good news is that the bricks won’t be as bad as they were when customer’s first booked our service years prior. 



We Want the Best For You


At Kleen Seal, we care about every customer’s paver patio bricks. Our goal is to revamp old and tired bricks into fresh vibrant ones. It is our mission to make each house look beautiful with their patios or paver driveways. Our crew is specially trained to handle each delicate brick with care and to give them the proper cleaning as well. They are also professionals when it comes to removing and setting the bricks back into place too. Make sure to book Kleen Seal Paver Sealing and Restoration today! 

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